Do you want to learn more about your rivals before you launch your business strategies? Are you not able to get a more detailed analysis of your competitors because you lack expertise, experience, and workers? We can help you out in this regard. Our team performs comprehensive research on your competition and specializes in providing their findings to all vertical markets. Our solution gives you a big advantage in winning the race to outpace your competition.

To deliver an excellent level of quality, security, and consistent process, Crective is keeping their uncompromising and thorough delivery system that helps your business benefit from the better output and even more value. Our firm utilizes advanced competitor analysis tools to provide you with market research insights that can guide you as you make important business decisions.

Why Crective for Competitor Analysis?

Any business simply must have a flawless competitor analysis report to successfully gain both revenue and growth. Finding the best market research services in the world is a difficult task, but it gets easier if you have resources available to you. A few things will tell you if an agency is competent. Crective, which has made a name for itself by delivering first-class competitor analysis over the past 17 years, incorporates all the factors that help deliver a 100% positive impact to clients. We are offering these benefits.

  • Personal Data Privacy and Security: A world-wide competitor analysis service providing company, Crective is also very aware of the importance of keeping personal data secure. Our organisation maintains a specialised software that manages client data and protects them from data loss. Files are also exchanged and received over encrypted email and FTP. Our clients’ information is completely safe and secure.
  • High Accuracy Ratio: Since accuracy is a top priority for the competitor analysis and research agency Crective, it knows how crucial it is to have a thoroughly researched competitor analysis report. The report is important because we understand that our client’s future business plans will be reliant on the data in it, so we complete a competitor analysis and subject it to multiple quality checks in order to produce results that are both accurate and timely.
  • High Scalable: The company’s staff is made up of thousands of highly skilled project managers and staff. We know our client’s needs change frequently, which is why we’re well equipped to expand our business intelligence processes for monitoring our competitors.
  • Customer Support: Even if our clients’ time zones are a challenge, we will always look out for their best interests. We have a team working multiple shifts because of the extensive customer support. They never stop working, ensuring that our customers’ issues are resolved quickly.

What We Offer in Competitor Analysis?

We develop a custom plan to discover your competitors and investigate their operations so you can get a head start on inspiring business activities in the market. When you use us for competitor analysis, we really utilise our entire skillset and put all of our knowledge to use on this component of your business strategy. We collect information about our competitors, study it, and create straightforward, high-quality business dashboards that allow you to make gains with minimal risk. In our competitor analysis framework, we see a variety of services including

  • SWOT Analysis: When we meet with you at Crective, we look into your firm’s potential for future growth. We conduct market research and thoroughly analyse the obstacles, potential opportunities, and existing competition to give you a clear picture of the market. To beat the competition and fix our other business-related issues, our team will create some strong strategies after we’ve gathered all the relevant data.
  • Create List of Competitors: We compile in-depth reports for you with extensive profiles of your competitors including their product, service, and geographic distribution, marketing strategy, and financials.
  • Intelligency of Competitor: We assist with your company’s marketing by supplying crucial information on your competition, which includes selling points of goods and services, success stories, distribution networks, and positioning in the market.
  • Competitor Position: The Crective will monitor your competitors’ market positioning and help you to place yourself strategically against them. This will help you maximise your ability to sell more.
  • Competitor Footprints: Our analysis will give you access to the latest methods and ideas used by the competition. You’ll then be able to put these to use in your own company to beat out your competitors.
  • Beneficial Competitive Strategy: Analyze your competitors to highlight your unique selling points in order to take advantage of the competition. To help you stay ahead of your competitors, we provide you with critical insight and a strategy.

Our Competitor Analysis Process

Crective is able to consistently produce high-quality work because they conduct intensive research via both quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis. For researching about our competitors, we employ a combination of parameters and competitor analysis tools like SAS and SPSS to conduct in-depth research to unearth accurate and thorough reports. Following is an unadulterated, uninterrupted Crective competitor analysis service process flow:

Quantitative Analysis:

To study how we stack up against our competitors, we perform a competitor research analysis and utilise competitor analysis tools to examine the target audience data. The quantitative data analysis investigated some specific issues, such as

  • Analysis of the client’s information.
  • remembering brands/companies
  • Identify the primary influencers on your products and services.
  • Compare your offerings with your competitor’s

Qualitative Analysis:

At Crective, we use qualitative analysis methods that involve web-based research to collect and analyse information about competitors. The steps are as follows.

  • After conducting qualitative research, a finished report is delivered to the client.
  • The report is made by going online and gathering all the necessary information by taking facts and piecing them together into an understandable format.
  • Our team conducts research using the internet to learn about the client and their most dangerous competitors. We do our research and create a report with pertinent information by excluding superfluous details.