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Expired Domain Service

Crective has a Team of Experts To Find Quality Expired Domains

Expired Domains are actually registered by individuals, companies or organizations, but are not renewed or rescinded after the contract is concluded. That means that they can be re-registered. There are several reasons why anyone chooses to abandon a domain; one reason could be that the web project has failed or a domain portfolio has been liquidated. Domains can also become gratuitous because the owner receives warnings about possible infringements of marks.

Benefits of Expired Domain

Build an Authority Website

If you are looking for a new website or blog, consider buying an expired domain instead of a new domain.

You will have to work harder to build your authority with a new domain. You will have to build new content and backlinks, and only time is allowed for domain age authority.

With an expired domain, your existing SEO value can be used to begin ranking faster immediately.

Use it for Backlinking

Instead of building an entire website, a small mini-site can be built solely to link to your main website or blog. The purpose is to transfer through this backlink the “link juice” that the old domain already has to your main site. You will need to add some content, like a few articles or blog posts, to make the site look natural.

This is usually done using the so-called PBN method. Private blog networks use expired domains to create multiple mini-sites that all link to a single website. You want more than one or two sites because the diversity of domains is important for backlinks. If the relationship between the mini-sites is properly hidden, including ensuring that they have no similar IP address and are not hosted on the same server, it may appear that several unrelated websites are organically linked to your home page. This is a quicker way to build backlinks than writing guest posts for blogs that cannot even accept your submissions.

Website Redirecting

If you want to transfer your expired domain’s link juice to your main website without creating a mini-site, simply redirect the old domain to your website. This can be done through a redirect 301. For instance, if 1234.com is the expired domain, you can automatically redirect it to your main website, abcd.com. Again, the reasoning is that if the expired dominant domain has a high SEO value, all this ranking value is transferred to your main website because of its backlinks over the years.

Can Sell on High Profit


Another reason why people buy expired domains is just to sell them. This is also called domain flipping, and some people earn a living from it. You will first buy an expired domain by auction. Then your SEO value will continue to increase.

This can be done by building backlinks to it further. It also increases value by the simple passage of time (the age of a domain matters too). You can subsequently resell the domain at a higher price. Another option is to build an entire blog or eCommerce site on the expired domain and sell it much more than what you bought for. This will obviously require a lot more work.

Choose Crective for Expired Domain Hunting

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Factors the Crective Consider in Expired Domain Hunting

Domain Age

The authority it has as an established site is one of the main reasons for buying an expired domain. You don’t want a domain that expires only one year later.

Backlinks Summary

Another major reason to purchase an expired domain is its value due to other sites linked to it. Use a backlink checker to check the quality of the backlinks of the expired domain. If you see that the backlinks are all spamming and of low quality, skip the domain.

Website Quality

We use Wayback to see how the website looked. Again, you don’t want to buy a site used for spam purposes. If, for example, you can say the site has been used as a link farm, don’t purchase it.

Moz Metrics

Moz has two site quality measurements: Page Authority and Domain Authority. These are based on the history and backlinks of a website. Make sure there is no low PA and DA score on the site.

Traffic History

Check the traffic monthly too. Don’t go for it if you’re just a few visitors. Ask any marketer today to tell you what it takes to get footprints.

Traffic matters a lot to get quality references. If you plan to keep guest content open in the future, it is even more important. If you have a good number every month you will see more inquiries coming into the guest post.

Look for Google Penalties

Use a Google Ban Checker to ensure that a Google site is not prohibited, so it has no value for you.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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