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Technical SEO Audit Service

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[ct_headingmulti sub_title1=”Technical SEO Audit Service” sub_title2=”We will Do” text=”Technical SEO Audit of Your Website” font_weight=”” letter_spacing=”-2px” description=”A SEO technical site audit can increase profits, lower costs and create a solid basis for future growth.
An overview of the website aims at improving classifications, increasing targeted traffic and increasing leads and sales. Your website must be on the top five results of your search – 6 to 10 are no longer sufficient.

 Why is a Technical SEO Audit Necessary?

The objective is to identify all technical difficulties that prevent higher Google rankings and cause problems for visitors. Our website review allows you to find out exactly where you are at the moment and what your business needs to grow online.

We audit all new websites of our customers. Every site we worked on had errors that limited its search performance. Before starting a link building or content marketing campaign, it is always a great idea to complete a Website Audit.

Why Choose Crective for Technical SEO Audit Service?

There are many reasons why you need to choose the Crective for the technical SEO audit services. 

  • A detailed description of your situation today
  • A list of recommended technical measures with explanations
  • A report describing a strategy to increase all traffic sources
  • Reviews are usually due to traffic loss on a website.

We promise not to kill you with an incomprehensible 100-page report. We stay away from jargon and write in plain English that is easy to understand. Reports typically range between 15 and 30 pages, depending on the issues and size of the website. The report lists all problems and highlights the areas where the biggest gains can quickly be expected.

All backup information is provided. If you have a web development company with which you work, some of the errors will have to be fixed. (We work good and play nicely with other businesses and work with web-development companies to solve problems) The following telephone or Skype conversation is included in the conversation, where we have an hour to discuss all the issues highlighted in the review.

Within 7 working days, we will have your website audits sent to you. The audit is not done through a software tool. Each report is written by ourselves, since every site is different. We will use some SEO tools to collect information, such as a spider to crawl your site and to locate technical errors.

Our Checklist for Technical SEO Audit 

Site Visibility Audit

Content may not be a “technical” SEO classification factor but it is a factor of classification. So it’s a good idea to make sure search engines are visible. That makes your technical SEO site audit a good first step. See the homepage, category pages, and product pages of your website to ensure that your information is not only humanly visible but also Googlebot visible (some CMSs handle these pages differently so your checklist should include each kind).

If your site is normal, then you shouldn’t worry about it – especially if your content looks good in Chrome. Googlebot uses a browser engine version to render pages.

Google Analytics Setup

If you have already set up Google Analytics for your site, it is prudent to make sure it is configured and works correctly. The audit guide for our technical SEO site can show you how. Check your homepage source code (press control + u), main category pages, and product pages for the presence of your account and property tracking code. Since some CMSs (content management systems) treat page templates differently, it is advisable to verify that every type of tracking is consistent.

Canonicalization Audit

Canonization is a way to tell which version of a page is the master version of search engines. You can often visit one page with multiple URLs. If you canonize these pages to one main version, you can notify search engines such as Google and Bing that they are indeed the same page and are not simply duplicates competing against each other. This can greatly improve your indexability and help search engines to better understand your site, boosting your technical SEO performance.

Google Search Console Audit

Google’s Search Console is a necessary tool for the health check of your site and is free for everyone owning a website. You should make sure you have access to the Search Console correctly in part of your technical SEO audit checklist. Search Console enables webmasters to monitor the indexing status of their sites and optimize Google visibility. It also lets you check for server errors, manual actions, messages, and more related to Google’s SEO on your site.

Mobile Friendly Audit

In November 2016, Google announced its first mobile indexing and in later March 2018, it announced that the entire web would be moved to the first mobile indexing by the end of 2020. This new strategic approach means that a good mobile version of your site is important for SEO relevance in the long term. Google claims that mobile websites have no leading edge over non-mobile, but that in particular mobile search results have an impact on the quality of mobile websites. Include a mobile version of your site (which you definitely ought to be!), to ensure it is successful, in your technical SEO site audit checklist.


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