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Technical SEO Service

[ct_headingmulti sub_title1=”Technical SEO Service” sub_title2=”We will Find Technical Issues of your website & do” text=”Technical SEO for Better Performance” font_weight=”” description=”The process of technical SEO involves making sure your website will be easily crawled and indexed, and any problems encountered during indexing will be avoided. To establish which SEO components require improvement, an in-depth SEO audit looks at your present SEO and decides which factors should be fixed for a seamless online experience.” des_color=”#2d2d2d”]
Technical SEO

Why is Technical SEO Important?

In recent years, the needs of consumers have shifted drastically, and search engines have grown more advanced. It is estimated that there are now 3.5 billion smartphone users globally. A big increase in smartphone use has made Google boost the ranking of sites with good mobile experiences.

Google penalizes websites with a poor structure, long page load times, and errant redirects today. If these technical SEO flaws aren’t addressed, your search rankings and organic traffic will plummet rapidly. An organic search result’s likelihood of earning a 35 percent click-through rate can make or break your firm.

Start a Successful Online Business with Technical SEO

Algorithm updates seek to enhance user experience, which is their primary purpose. In order to succeed in this, you must completely comprehend what technical SEO is, how it works, and how you can employ SEO technical audit to determine if your website meets search engine criteria and is optimized to the industry’s specifications.

The site must run quickly, have Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), use the robots exclusion standard (robots.txt), provide a valid XML sitemap, and have high-quality content. Your website’s online performance is affected by these crucial aspects. A Google study claims that a page loading time of 10 seconds can be responsible for a 123 percent increase in bounce rate. Delays in page loading speed on mobile devices can result in significant decreases in conversions, page views, and customer satisfaction.

Wait until it’s too late, and the negative effects of SEO-unfriendly site code will rear their ugly head. Invest in technical SEO for your eCommerce, WordPress, and CMS website today to save money in the long run.

Schedule a conversation with Crective WordPress SEO experts to learn more about WordPress SEO and its impact on your company.

Our Technical SEO Services

Technical Website Audit

Our complete SEO technical audit looks at every aspect of your website to see what can be done to remedy its technical SEO concerns. The audit includes key checkpoints such as mobile efficiency, internal link structure, page speed, XML sitemap, indexing, robots.txt and site architecture. Using analytics, Crective provides short- and long-term solutions to boost your Google rankings and help your website visitors have a positive experience.

Meta Data Analysis

Increase your traffic and draw web users to your page by using the power of search engine optimization and key meta tags that convey the content of your site. To support your on-page SEO efforts, Crective does technical SEO for WordPress, using a variety of techniques to complete the work, such as improving your meta descriptions, title tags, meta keywords, alt attributes, and robots tags. To be sure, we’ve included this extra layer of protection for your SEO campaign.

Website Speed Optimization

A good online experience for your clients is determined by the speed at which they access your content. Our technical SEO experts can compress CSS, JS, and HTML to reduce file size. We also optimize your code, decrease redirects, and make the most of your material. For example, we use CDNs and make the most of your content distribution networks to increase performance and lower response time.

Penalty Recovery

The penalties imposed by Google can be as a result of an algorithm change or technical SEO done using black hat methods. We use Google Search Console to discover which type of penalty your website has, determine the state of your backlink strategy, and rectify problems with your content by examining and reindexing pages Google has crawled. We verify all of your redirects, too, to make sure they’re working appropriately.

Images Optimization

Large images or images harm your site’s speed and website appeal, reducing audience numbers. Save time and get more customers by implementing technical SEO for eCommerce. Our experts select the most appropriate file format, tweak your picture alt attributes, compress your image file size, employ image sitemaps, and use image optimization plugins to optimize your photos.

Markup Structure

You should use schema markup to make it easy for search engines to crawl, interpret, and display your content. We give your page elements visual prominence, assign data tags, build HTML, and then include schema markup. We run the Structured Data Testing Tool from Google to assess the markup and identify any errors.

Backlinks Analysis

Understanding your online reputation and capabilities in eCommerce? Let us show you the technical side of SEO. Our group runs a backlink evaluation in order to get you high-authority and trustable inbound links. We analyze the sites’ authority to identify your referring domains, and then figure out the amount of the share on each of the sites that links to you.

Website Migration

A website’s migration is an extremely complicated operation. Implement a strong migration strategy to preserve a strong presence on the web. When we migrate a website, we go through many of the same steps as normal SEO service providers, such as updating internal links, changing URLs, removing duplicate content, and ensuring all URLs point to a newly developed domain. However, our team also examines an organization’s analytics to determine how to migrate the website.

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